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In our Danish directed factory in Telšiai, about 150 experienced, conscientious employees and a heavy machinery are ready to perform exactly your task.

Packaging and assembly


We have long experience within packaging of many different blanks, ranging from screws, dowels and plastic parts in small bags and boxes to big displays – ready for installation in the shop.


The packaging is carried out both mechanically and manually. However, to all packaging, it is applicable that it is subject to current and final control by specially trained employees.

We have machines for:

  • Eurolocks

  • Attaching bag rider

  • Blister packaging


We can help to obtain:

  • Boxes

  • Backside cards

  • printing of various printed matters ready for use - we comply with your requests.

Production property


Have you considered moving your manufacture abroad in order to make it more remunerative, but have discontinued, because a removal seems immense? Then a production property might be what you are looking for.

We can offer premises and personnel. You are most welcome to bring your own machinery and tools, as you please. We hire the personnel. However, it is potential that you bring along managing personnel.​


By outsourcing, you achieve a large number of the benefits, but avoid the clerical work and the large investment. Simultaneously, you can benefit from the wide experience, which we have gained in Lithuania.

Storage rooms

2B Pack has quite 15.000 square meters newly renovated, bright and inviting premises. They are suitable for both manufacture and storage rooms.


If you have lack of room in your present premises or you contemplate outsourcing your storage, then 2B Pack is a possibility you might consider.


At present, we attend storage functions that is picking, cutting out, packaging and forwarding worldwide.

Do you have special requests concerning racks, we are pleased to attend your requests or you might bring your own racks. 

Our location up the northern main road through Lithuania and short distance to the only ice-free port in the Baltic States - Klaipeda - reduces the time of transit.


Our presence in Lithuania, since 2004, means that we are familiar with recommendable carriers. We forward goods from here, knowing that they shall arrive on time in good condition.

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