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2B Pack was founded in Frederiks, Denmark



The Company expands with more sq. m. and machinery



The company expands with new hardware and warehouse. Investing in the first major packing machine



The factory in Lithuania was purchased and renovated



2B Pack relocates the entire company to Lithuania



Expands wiht more buildings



Expands with 3000 sq. m.



In 1993 2B Pack was founded by the present proprietor Bøje Bønsøe.


The outset took place in outbuildings of a farm and with a manual operated packaging machine. Even during the first year, this machine was supplemented by a fully automatic machine. The main manufacture was packaging of furniture fittings.


In 1995 the premises were too narrow and new premises were built near to the village Frederiks. At the same time, the machinery expanded with more new packaging machines.


In 1996-1997 the factory extended with both a new machine room and a new storage room. The machinery expanded with the first big automatically packaging machine.


In the next years a big storage room was constructed and new packaging machines were purchased. Simultaneously, the manufacture increased comprising diverse products of bolts, antenna fittings, packaging of shrink.

In 2003, it was decided to move the main manufacture to Lithuania.

The factory in Telšiai was bought and completely renewed. Today, this factory appears at same the level as a Western European factory. 


In May 2004 the removal took place.

Subsequently, extensions structurally were realized in 2007. At this present, we can present approximately 15.000 square meters cohesive renewed manufacture – and storage rooms.


The manufacture increased succeedingly. Besides, packaging of fittings for diverse industries, also several different assembly- and packaging tasks are made both mechanically and manually.


By the removal 2B Pack achieved becoming a Western European enterprise with the advantages being placed in Lithuania. We transferred the western ways of management and had committed and very skilful staff. We have very few replacements of personnel. 2B Pack emerges today as a contemporary enterprise with a very wide experience within our field.

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