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Vision and objective for 2B Pack

Costumer related:
  • to deliver on time 

  • to deliver flawlessly 

  • to deliver a product completely to the customer's request

  • to provide comprehensive service in connection with the work tasks 

  • to provide advice within the areas of 2B

  • to signal that no task is too small and none too large 


Business related:
  • to create a positive and healthy working environment for employees so that competence, dedication, and loyalty are increased 

  • to develop the staff's strength for the benefit of themselves and for 2B Pack 

  • to develop the staff's responsibility, creativity, and independence by making demands and being open to innovation. 

  • to create an innovative environment that promotes employee engagement.


  • to continue developing 2B Pack so the company is still updated in core areas. 

  • to develop methods and workflows to meet the demands of the future, especially in terms of quality and environment while maintaining continued economic growth. 

  • that 2B Pack will continue to be leading in our field in Europe.

Bøje Bønsøe
Bøje Bønsøe


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2B Pack
2B Pack


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Special assembly

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